GEEKDAD features a podcast interview with B.J. Novak!


Between a trip for my high school reunion and Gen Con, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to conduct any interviews, but Bounded Enthusiasm is back! Today’s episode is an interview with B.J. Novak about his brand-new picture book … with no pictures.

B.J. Novak is perhaps best known for his role as Ryan Howard on The Office (which he also co-wrote and co-produced), plus appearances in several other movies and TV shows. Earlier this year he published a book of humorous short stories for adults titled One More Thing, but this month will see the release of his first book for children: The Book With No Pictures.

The book, at first glance, appears to be a picture book, but with (as the title states) no pictures on the cover. But it is very funny—it’s a book that is definitely intended to be read aloud, and my kids took great pleasure in the fact that the book made me say all sorts of ridiculous things. If you love reading aloud to your kids—even if you don’t think you’re very funny—The Book With No Pictures will make a great addition to your shelf.

I had a brief conversation with Novak as he prepares to start his book tour. He talks about the idea of kids’ books as scripts for the adults, and the importance of not talking down to kids.

Click here to download the podcast interview with B.J. Novak.